Framed Tiger Pendant w/Gold



Framed Tiger Pendant

Sterling Silver w/14K Gold

Tigers are one of our many threatened species of big cats around the world. They are threatened by loss of habitat, poaching, or over-hunting by locals. We hope that wearing this piece of jewelry will help bring awareness to the dire situation. Beautiful, majestic cats have inspired the arts for tens of thousands of years. In this critical time we need to make an effort to ensure that the big cats remain a part of our lives both in the arts and in the wild.

Neil is hoping to use his art to contribute to the conservation efforts. He put a lot of design time into each piece, and says that a loving, realistic rendering is the ultimate way to show respect to these magnificent animals. He tries to capture life and character, particularly in their eyes.

The original piece was meticulously hand engraved, then molded and reproduced through lost-wax-casting. Neil then hand-finished each piece individually, textured the background, and oxidized them to bring out the beautiful design.

This beautiful, quality Tiger pendant is available in sterling silver with the tiger in 14K gold, with an 18" sterling silver seamed snake chain. The pendant is approx. 1½" (45mm) long overall.