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Unique  •  Sculpted  •  Hand-Crafted

The Art of the Buckle

The essence of tradition in the arts can be seen in 2,000 years of continually evolving Acanthus scroll decoration, from Greek columns to English shotguns, and now to American belt buckles.

NR Hunt buckles are timeless works of art with every detail engineered for comfort. In a class by themselves, they meld Classical European and Eastern aesthetics with the icons of the great American West. Whether it’s a reproduction of a hand-engraved buckle or a one-of-a-kind original, wearing an NR Hunt buckle makes you feel good about yourself.

Neil Hunt Belt Buckles

Unique  •  Sculpted  •  Hand-Crafted



Inspired by ornamentation on 19th century shotguns, these buckles combine the fine arts and traditional craft.

Fusion Series

Crafted from Mokume gane and precious metals, these unique buckles invoke nature-patterned movement.

Polished Silver

Simple and elegant, these unadorned buckles have the clean lines that come only from excellent craftsmanship.

Gallery of Past Work

A showcase of Neil’s past work, these pieces are bespoke and depict something personal and special to the client. Due to current circumstances, Neil is no longer accepting custom requests. It’s his hope that these works will be instructional and inspiring to the next generation of makers, as well as just plain enjoyable to look at for everyone else.

The Maker

N.R. Hunt went from woodworker to leather worker to silver smith to engraver, to become a true master belt smith. Borrowing from fine gun engraving, Neil introduced and set the bar for a new genre of belt buckles.