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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle Set, Fabricated, "Harmony"


Engraved Silver Belt Buckle Set

Close-Up of Belt Buckle


Side View of Belt Buckle Set
Side View of Belt Buckle Set

This 4-piece Ranger belt buckle set has a fabricated buckle and keepers and a cast, featherweight tip.

The overall design flows around a geometric lattice of the Golden Section. Greek mathematicians and philosophers pondered this formula, while discovering it was the basis for beauty and growth in the natural world. Sometimes referred to as Divine Proportion or the Golden Ratio, it has been consciously or unconsciously employed by artists of all disciplines since the early days of Greece. In the arts, a simple way to understand it is... the small part is to the large part, as the large part is to the whole. Study your finger sections for a good illustration of the principle; look at the length of each section in proportion to the next, larger section. The mathematics ratio is 1.618, fitting the Fibonacci series of 2,3,5,8,13, etc.

In this buckle the main scroll illustrates that the Golden Section formulates the equiangular spiral. The smaller spirals work approximately with the square sections. A single spiral fills each space inside the same lattice on the keepers. One main spiral starts from the other in a figure-eight type design. The first spiral on the tip also is defined by the Golden Section, while the others fill space. Neil plans on exploring this approach on future buckles.


Hand Engraved 4-piece Belt Buckle Set, Handcrafted
"Harmony" item # "sengr.fbsharmony1.feb05"
Solid Sterling Silver, ¾" (19mm) wide

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