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Custom Hand Engraved Solid 18K Gold
Belt Buckle Set, "Golden Section"


Engraved 18K Gold Belt Buckle Set, 'Golden Section'

Close-Up of Belt Buckle


Extra Tip for This Set
Extra Tip for This Set

This solid 18K gold buckle set was a custom order for Chris. It is one of Neil's many explorations into the Golden Section.

"The open-ended curve of the spiral gives a sensation of continuous motion--of life, in fact. In The Curves of Life, Sir Theodore A. Cook (1867-1928), English author and editor, finds that the spiral or helix may lie at the core of life's first principle--that of growth. The spiral is fundamental to the structure of plants, shells, and the human body; to the periodicity of atomic elements and to an animal's horns; to microscopic DNA (the double helix) and to the Andromeda nebula."

Side View of Belt Buckle Set
Side View of Belt Buckle Set

"The spiral is a key to understanding organic nature, and perhaps to the living creations of the human mind. The spiral's fundamental mathematical expression is Ø, or ... (mathematical formula omitted) (=1.618), the Ratio of Pheidias, or Golden Section, or the Divine Proportion, as it has been variously termed through history. It occurs repeatedly in the productions of men: Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Gothic architects knew and admired its properties; Renaissance artists incorporated it into their theories. Leonardo designed spiral staircases and studied spirals in waves and hair; consciously or unconsciously. Botticelli, Hals, and Turner composed proportional to Ø."
(From the back of the book The Curves of Life by Theodore Andrea Cook, Dover Publications)


Custom Hand Engraved Belt Buckle Set, Handcrafted
"Golden Section" item # "sengr.fbsgldnsectn1.apr05"
Solid 18K Gold, ¾" (19mm) wide

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