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Hand Engraved Sterling Silver and Gold Belt Buckles & More...

~ Sold in 2012 ~

More examples of Neil's hand-engravings:

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Engraved Silver Buckle

Hand Engraved Taos Belt Buckle, "Three Roses" item # "sengr.taos3roses1.sep11"
Solid Sterling Silver, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening


Engraved Trophy-Style Buckle w/Gold 'Under the Canopy'

Custom Order for Elizabeth's Husband ~ Custom-Made to be worn Left to Right
Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Trophy-Style Belt Buckle, Handcrafted
"Under the Canopy" item # "sengr.undercanopy1.sep12"
Sterling Silver w/18K Gold Overlay, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening


Engraved Silver Buckle & Keeper Buckle w/Gold

Custom Order for Tommy
Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Belt Buckle & Keeper, Handcrafted
"Three Mallards" item # "sengr.bwk.3mallards1.apr12"
Solid Sterling Silver w/10K White Gold Overlay & 24K Gold Line-Inlay, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening


Engraved Silver Channel Buckle

Custom Order for Joe
Hand Engraved Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle, "Calvary" item # "sengr.taracalvary1.feb12"
Solid Sterling Silver, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening

Note: Buckle widths above refer to opening for beltstrap.
About Channel Belt Buckles


Hand Engraved Belt Buckles are One-of-a-Kind

  • This page shows the sold one-of-a-kind pieces and custom orders from a particular year.
  • They are all engraved by hand, in designs rooted in tradition, and inspired by the moment.

More examples of Neil's hand-engravings:

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Gun-Style Engraving on Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Sets

In the 1800s the American West was settled by Europeans, who were also the first to wear silver buckle tip sets. These buckle sets came to be known as Ranger Sets, after the legendary Texas Rangers. At that time engraving was directly from, or inspired by, European traditions in design and technique. Engraving in silver and engraving on guns were diverging into distinctly different styles. This distinction, as well as the popularity of ranger sets, was accentuated when Hollywood defined the "cowboy look" in the 1920s and -30s. This Western, or Bright-Cut, engraving became the standard for buckle engraving and has been the de facto method and look... until now.

Neil's buckle sets are engraved in the Gun-Style (single point) rather than the Western style (bright cut), and are finding popularity for their sophisticated look and attractive designs. His hand engraved original buckles are highly valued by afficionados. These traditional ranger buckle sets with old world gun-style engraving remind us that the New West is still firmly rooted in the Old West.

The essence of tradition in the arts can be seen in 2,000 years of continually evolving Acanthus decoration, from Greek columns, to English shotguns, and now to American belt buckles.

Annual Edition Reproductions of Neil's Hand Engraved Originals are also available.


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