Belt Strap Sizing Guide

Important Sizing Information:

  • There is a minimal amount of standardization in the belt industry, so even though you may “know” your size, please follow these instructions
  • As it takes Neil hours to custom cut and finish your belt strap, we ask that you take a few minutes of your time to give us an accurate size.
  • Your “actual” (measured) size will often be about 2″ – 2½” longer than your “off-the-rack” belt is marked. This is normal.
  • If you need help, please call us. We’re good at this!
    Toll-free in the US: 1-888-501-7807
    International: +1-928-554-4461
    The current time at NR Hunt Studio is 04:10 PM

Measure a favorite belt from the point at which the tongue meets the buckle, to the most commonly used hole (not necessarily the center hole).

See illustration:

Belt measurement sketch

For cross-referencing, it is helpful to have blue-jean size, as well.
If a belt is not available, run non-elastic string through pant belt-loops, and cut or mark where they meet; measure length.