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Sterling Silver Renaissance w/14K Gold "Pheasant - Wings Out"
Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle

Silver Channel Buckle 'Renaissance' w/14K Pheasant - Wings Out

Sterling Silver Renaissance w/14K Gold "Pheasant - Wings Out" Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle
on Straight Strap



This lost-wax-cast Renaissance "Pheasant - Wings Out" buckle is a recent edition of our Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle. The engraved plate is cast in solid sterling silver and the pheasant in 14K gold, both from Neil's original, hand engraved masters. The tightly engraved scroll-work on the plate has approximate symmetry, and looks a bit like the back of playing cards. This finely detailed pheasant has the wings out. Another version of this design has the pheasant's wings up.

The Tabula Rasa is Neil's answer to the Channel Belt Buckle (also called a ratchet or tension buckle) that was popular from the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800's through the Art Deco era of the early 1900's. These buckles were originally mostly hand-crafted. This is the first lost-wax cast buckle of its type that we know of. The current version of the Tabula Rasa is Neil's fourth (v4.2) generation of improved design. The buckle now has an even sleeker profile, and the ratchet grip is stronger than ever. This ensemble is simplicity and elegance at it's best.

The Tabula Rasa buckle is cast in solid sterling silver. It does not have sharp edges or corners and is extremely leather friendly. The burnished-edge strap fits through the buckle like a hand in a glove. A two-piece ratchet pinches the leather from the back to hold it in place, allowing for easy adjustments in any increment you want. (Neil often adjusts his out a bit when he sits in the car, it takes three seconds to do.) The strap requires no holes, allowing for a totally clean and minimalist look. It is 1¼" (32mm) wide, and looks terrific on a Black or Cordovan belt strap.

    Notes about ordering:
  • The Tabula Rasa is only available on a Straight strap, and is not available 'buckle only'. The tolerance of the 'hand-in-glove' fit is engineered specifically for Neil's belt straps.
  • The Tabula Rasa strap is assembled with "Snaps" as the default. If, for some reason, you would prefer stitches, simply select "Stitched" in the shopping cart.
  • We do offer the option of purchasing extra belt straps in different colors for the Tabula Rasa. This will obviously only work if the strap is assembled with snaps. The link to purchase extra straps is in the shopping cart.

Note: We have some of these Renaissance "Pheasant - Wings Out" buckles that are assembled for the belt to "feed" into the pant-loops towards the right. Many women and some men feed their belt that direction, while the majority of men feed it towards the left. Please specify in the shopping-cart if you would prefer your belt to feed the less traditional way, - towards the right.

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Renaissance w/14K "Pheasant - Wings Out" 1¼" (32mm) Tabula Rasa Channel Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 957.-

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