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The Sedona Ranger

  • Solid Sterling Silver Ranger Buckle Sets
  • Hand Stained, Hand Stitched Ranger Straps


Solid Sterling Silver Rangers


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Sterling Silver Ranger Belt

Piñon Ranger Buckle Set on Sedona Ranger Strap
Solid Sterling Silver
¾" (19mm) wide opening
US $ 675.-


Sterling Silver Ranger Belt

Manzanita Ranger Buckle Set on Sedona Ranger Strap
Solid Sterling Silver
¾" (19mm) wide opening
US $ 675.-


Sterling Silver Ranger Belt

Sycamore Ranger Buckle Set on Sedona Ranger Strap
Solid Sterling Silver
¾" (19mm) wide opening
US $ 675.-


Custom Belt Straps


Optional Stones in Tongue

Optional Stones on Sedona Rangers

We offer optional stones in the tongue of engraved Sedona Ranger sets.
Available stones and prices are:

  • rubies are 3 mm A-grade heat-treated US $120.-
  • blue sapphires are 3 mm AA-grade heat-treated US $120.-
  • diamonds, F - G-VS HSC 0.21 CT of Canadian origin US $350.-

Please call for details and to order.



The Return of a Western Classic

A ranger belt and a ranger set need each other. The leather frames the buckle set.

Neil has always felt that the traditional, sweet, little ¾" ranger buckle sets were the perfect size for the ideal ranger belt strap; 1¼" wide. In the mid-1980s, Neil worked at a small belt shop in Sedona, Arizona where they specialized in making ranger belts. Now, 30 years later Neil is reviving this classic, understated Western belt; as The Sedona Ranger.


A Little History

The Ranger belt began as a cinching technique in horse tack. It allowed for tightening a strap without pinching a horse's hair in the buckle. Mexican Vaqueros were the skilled ranch workers of the early cattle days. They also attained great skills in leatherwork and silversmithing from the Spanish tradition in order to make the trappings of their trade.

Sometime in the 1840's, the new Colt Walker revolvers were tried out by the legendary group of frontier lawmen, the Texas Rangers. These new guns needed holsters which required wide belts. By adapting the technique from horse tack, a smaller belt buckle sufficed and an American Western tradition was born.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy an NR Hunt Sedona Ranger

  1. INVEST – it's an exclusive, limited production ensemble that you can use every day – from a small shop to a big world, via the internet
  2. BE CLASSY – looks good with the Armani suit or Wrangler jeans
  3. COLLECT – the buckle is signed by NR Hunt – experts at The Antiques Roadshow will be looking for NR Hunt's signature in the future, to verify the real deal
  4. COMFORT – made from strong and supple leather – unlike many other ranger straps, it has a sleek profile
    • saddle leather from animals that have been treated with dignity
    • precious metals – buckle sets are hand-finished, not tumble-finished
  6. SUPPORT – American craft and tradition – bench-made in Sedona, Arizona
    • hand-cut
    • hand-stained
    • hand-stitched
  7. IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS – exude quality and integrity – a Sedona Ranger also makes a great gift
  8. IMPRESS YOURSELF – understated, discreet look makes you feel good without being overt about your good taste – but you'll know
  9. NR HUNT – master craftsman and maker
  10. IT'S EASY – just click “Buy Now” and tell us what you want


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