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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver w/Gold
Set of Trophy-Style Belt Buckles, "Side-by-Side & Over-Under"

Engraved Silver Belt Buckles w/Gold Engraved Silver Belt Buckle w/Gold

Close-Up of "Side-by-Side" Belt Buckle | Close-Up of "Over-Under" Belt Buckle
Top of "Side-by-Side & Over-Under" Belt Buckles | Bottom of "Side-by-Side & Over-Under" Belt Buckles


This set of two belt buckles has a checkered past. They started out as 1" channel buckles, a narrower version of Neil's Tabula Rasa channel buckle. However, the narrower buckles and cinching hardware threw off the fine tolerances of the mechanism more than expected, and more R&D is needed. As a result, they were modified into 1" trophy-style.

The scroll-work plate is the same as on the Renaissance R&D Tabula Rasa channel buckle, and is lost-wax cast in sterling silver from Neil's hand engraved original. The plates on these buckles are scalloped at all four sides to make them smaller, and rounded slightly over the top and bottom edges, to accomodate the narrower buckles. The buckle ends are also scalloped slightly. The birds are hand cut in 18K gold; the wood ducks in yellow gold overlay, while the doves are white gold. The top and bottom edges of the buckles, as well as Neil's hinged bails, are also hand engraved - and the buckles are different from each other.

While not perfect because of all they've been through, these belt buckles are still beautiful examples of Neil's design sensibilities and workmanship. They were made as a set, and we hope they could stay together. Named for two different shotguns styles, the "Side-by-Side" and the "Over-Under" would be a classic his and hers set. The doves are flying side-by-side, and the wood ducks are flying one over, and one under the other. In a strange way, they represent some of the interesting dynamics of many long-lasting relationships. These buckles would look great on a straight or tapered strap of any color. - Maybe a straight strap for her and a tapered for him?

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Hand Engraved Set of 2 Trophy-Style Belt Buckles, "Side-by-Side & Over-Under"
item #s "engr.trb.sidebysideDoves1.feb14" & "sengr.trb.overunderWoodducks2.feb14"
Solid Sterling Silver w/Gold, 1" (25mm) wide opening


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