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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Modified Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle
w/Gold, Brass, & Copper, "Green Man"


Custom Hand Engraved Silver Channel Belt Buckle w/Gold, Brass, & Copper

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Top & Bottom View of Belt Buckle


Becky ordered this customized Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle. She is an archer and really likes the (Note: the following link will open Wikipedia in a new window or tab) Green Man imagery. The buckle itself is oxidized solid sterling silver. The face is brass overlay and the hair and beard, etc. is copper overlay. There is also 24K gold line-inlay in the top and bottom border. Neil inlaid pure silver in the whites of his eyes and to bring out the glint of his pupils.

The background, which is inspired by old Viking designs, is acid etched into the silver. Neil chose this method because it gives it a pitted texture making it look old. The green man is relief carved into the brass and copper, which will oxidize naturally over time. Neil opted to allow the metals to oxidize naturally rather than artificially this time, as the natural process sometimes gives different, more subtle colors. He expects the copper (hair, etc.) to turn a wonderful green and the brass (face) to turn a reddish brown. The high points in the relief carving will stay polished, giving it highlights of polished brass and copper.

Becky had requested that the green man's face be gentle and his eyes exude kindness and wisdom. I think Neil succeeded, and I see a twinkle in his ancient eyes. The top edge of the buckle has a leaf border and the bottom edge has Becky's initials; RRG. This buckle was a fun and quite unusual project for Neil, and turned out beautifully.


Custom Hand Engraved Modified Tabula Rasa Style Channel Belt Buckle
"Green Man" item # "sengr.taragrnman2.may10"
Solid Sterling Silver w/24K Gold Line-Inlay, and Copper & Brass Overlay, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening

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