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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle w/Gold "Early Cheetah"


Engraved Silver Belt Buckle 'Early Cheetah'

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Angled Close-Up of Belt Buckle


This hand engraved buckle is an early version of Neil's Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle. Neil engraved the bulk of it a number of years ago, and it represents some of his early, old-school engraving. He shelved it for some reason, and forgot all about it. A few months ago it resurfaced, and Neil decided it was worth reviving and finishing. Since it's an early engraved piece, this buckle shows some of the progression of Neil's work, and is a worthy and interesting addition to any collection of his pieces.

The cheetah is partially done in flush 24K gold inlay and shows a lot of detail - I especially think the face has personality. Neil has used flush 24K gold inlay on a number of big cat buckles over the years; cheetahs, tigers, and leopards. Their coloring lends itself beautifully to this technique.


Hand Engraved Tabula Rasa Channel Belt Buckle, "Early Cheetah" item # "sengr.tara.earlyCheetah2.feb15"
Solid Sterling Silver w/24K Gold Inlay, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening

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