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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver & Steel w/Gold
Rail Trophy-Style Belt Buckle, "Dos Equis"


Engraved Silver & Steel Belt Buckle

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The "Dos Equis" is the most interesting buckle in the world... It is the first of a series of buckles Neil is making that we call rail buckles named for the top and bottom rails. They are trophy-style buckles assembled with tiny steel screws from a main body plate, the two rails, several hinge and lock parts, and the bail and prong on the back. These buckles are uniquely engineered to have countless possibilities for materials in the main body as well as different buckle widths. All but the main body plate, which in this case is steel, will be in sterling silver.

The engraving on the "Dos Equis" steel plate is done in symmetrical, diamond-shaped, fine English scroll, and the negative space between the engraved sections forms two Xs, hence the name. Neil blued the steel, and knocked it down a notch before waxing it. The front of the rails have a repeating leaf and X pattern with subtle 24K gold line-inlay along the edge, while the top and bottom sides of the rails have checkering. The bail-hinge is engraved with a leaf-pattern.

This buckle is engraved in classic gun-style, and just like a gun, the steel plate will need occasional maintenance with wax or oil to prevent rusting. Overall buckle measurements are 2½ x 1¾ with a 1¼" (32mm) wide opening. The "Dos Equis" buckle would make a statement on any color straight or tapered strap.

You don't always have to wear a belt, but when you do...


Hand Engraved Rail Trophy-Style Belt Buckle, "Dos Equis" item # "sengr.rail.dosequis2.mar13"
Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver & Steel w/24K Gold Line-Inlay
1¼" (32mm) wide opening

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