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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Prairie Belt Buckle Set & Extra Tip w/Gold, "Great Bend"


Custom Hand Engraved Silver 'Prairie' Belt Buckle Set

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Close-Up of Tip | Close-Up of Extra Tip


Extra Tip for Belt Buckle Set
Extra Tip for "Great Bend"

This engraved buckle set for Warren is the first Prairie set Neil has engraved. Warren decided to go with an extra tip in order to more easily switch the set between straps. Although it's got a wider buckle opening than many of Neil's engraved sets, there isn't a lot more space for engraving because of the realtively narrow body of the buckle.

As the tip has the largest surface and naturally became the focal point in the design, it was a challenge during the design phase to balance it all out. The use of the large checkered area on the tips helps to de-emphasize them, and using checkering on all four pieces ties them together, while also making the set very reminiscent of an engraved gun. The large, asymmetrical scrolls play a part in balancing out the design, as well. By allowing the large scroll on the buckle to extend past the edge of the metal instead of confining it to the actual buckle, Neil was able to scale up the size of this part of the design. Again, helping balance the overall impression.

Side View of Belt Buckle Set
Side View of Belt Buckle Set

The relatively simple leaf-work on the edges of the architectural keepers focuses the design on the dynamic play between the buckle and tip. This buckle set is another classic example of Neil's use of approximate overall symmetry in an asymmetrical design. All five pieces have 24K gold line-inlay around the perimeter.

Custom Hand Engraved Prairie Belt Buckle Set w/extra Tip, "Great Bend" item # "sengr.prairiegrtbnd1.dec08"
Solid Sterling Silver w/24K Gold Line-Inlay, 1¼" (32mm) wide

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