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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Trophy-Style Belt Buckle "Persian Wildlife"


Custom Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Belt Buckle

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Angled Close-Up of Belt Buckle


This unusual buckle was made for Morad and the Foundation for Persian Wildlife. They are an organization of conservationists, hunters, and photo safari enthusiasts, who promote preservation of wildlife and habitat in Persia.

'Pile' of buckles
Reproductions of Persian Wildlife I Buckle in Sterling Silver

This buckle is a solid, heavy piece of sterling silver, as can be seen in the angled view above. The animals are done in low relief, and are clockwise from the front; a cheetah, a wild sheep, and an ibex. The unusual buckle shape was by Morad's request, and is taken from shields held by human figures in an ancient Persian frieze from Persepolis. The flowers bordering the buckle were also taken from the same source.

The whole buckle is done in a slightly primitive bas relief, lightly textured somewhat like the frieze... more of a carving than an engraving. The hammered buckle edges are in keeping with the less refined finish. Morad sketched out the basic layout of the animals, and Neil fine-tuned the design. It turned out to be a very nice composition.

The buckle was molded for casting cost-effective silver or bronze reproductions for Morad's lucky friends. The design was also modified and molded for casting lapel pins in sterling silver.


Custom Hand Engraved Trophy-Style Belt Buckle, Handcrafted
"Persian Wildlife" item # "sengr.persianwild1.jan08"
Solid Sterling Silver, 1½" (38mm) wide opening

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