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Custom Handcrafted Shakudo & Sterling Silver
Pendant "Apple Blossoms" w/Gold


Handcrafted Pendant 'Apple Blossoms'

Close-Up of Pendant


Pete requested a custom pendant for his wife, Paula's birthday. She is an avid nature-photographer and had done a number of beautiful photos of apple blossoms. Inspired by one of her images, Neil handcrafted this striking pendant with a shakudo background, sterling silver blossoms, and 24K gold inlay for the pollen-covered stamens inside the blossoms. The single line of 24K gold inlay around the perimeter frames it beautifully, and really makes the piece pop.

Shakudo is a Japanese alloy formulated for a special patina, often used in decorating swords. Depending on the patina-process it turns from a rich, dark bronze color to dark midnight purple. Neil carved a small branch into the shakudo behind the apple blossoms.


Hand Engraved Pendant, Handcrafted "Apple Blossoms" item # "sengr.pendant.appleblossoms4.sep15"
Shakudo & Sterling Silver w/24K Gold Inlay, Approx. Overall Length 1½" (38mm)

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