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Hand Engraved Money Clip
Solid Sterling Silver "Phoenix"

Engraved Sterling Silver Money Clip

Close-Up of Money Clip


Profile of 'Phoenix' Clip
Profile of "Phoenix" Clip

This striking hand engraved money clip from 1998 is one of the earlier pieces Neil engraved. I think he has kept it around over the years partly because it's a favorite of mine. He recently re-visited it and touched it up to his current sensibilities and skill-level, and is offering it for sale.

Although, it's different from most of the rest of his engraving, having no scroll-work, it represents a beautiful expression of Neil's artistic capabilities. The lines, and the angle of the cuts capture both the bird and the flames beautifully.
This is a rare collector's piece, indeed.


Hand Engraved Money Clip, "Phoenix" item # "sengr.moneyclip.phoenix1.oct98"
Solid Sterling Silver, 1" (25mm) wide x 1¾" (45mm) long


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