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Custom Handcrafted Solid Gold
Medallion "Tood's Shark" w/Diamonds


Handcrafted Solid Gold Medallion w/Diamonds 'Tood's Shark'

Close-Up of Medallion


Todd was intrigued by Neil's animal renderings after perusing the website. From his very first phone-call, Todd emphasized that he wanted something with dimension. He requested a gold shark medallion with a nautical theme. This project was another collaboration between Neil and our friend, and craftsman and jeweler, Chris Boothe of Exotica Jewelry. He mills custom titanium wedding rings in his studio in Clarkdale, AZ, and is an expert stone-setter. Chris did all the milling and stone-setting. (This link will open in a new window (or tab) outside NR Hunt Studio's website.)

The medallion has mostly 18K and some 24K gold in 4 different colorations. Neil utilized the different colors to add three-dimensionality to the piece, and help the shark stand out against the circular, ship's steering wheel. The shark itself is completely fabricated through layering gold sheet, cutting and carving. The blue and white diamonds within the circle add another dimension to the piece altogether, while the larger diamonds at all four heavenly directions help empasize the compass. The final touch that made the piece really sing, is using the black diamond for the eye of the shark.


Handcrafted Medallion "Tood's Shark" item # "sengr.medallion-shark.1.dec16"
Solid Gold w/Diamonds, Approx. 2" (50mm) diam.

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