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Custom Hand Engraved Fly Fishing Reel
"Henshaw Reel"


Custom Hand Engraved Fly Fishing Reel, 'Henshaw Reel' '1.apr13'

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Neil has ventured into new territory with this custom hand engraved fly fishing reel. Our good customer, Michael was fortunate enough to purchase a new Chris Henshaw fly reel. As he put it: "Although it is certainly a beauty in and of itself, I thought it might be fun to engrave it." He gave Neil complete freedom when it came to the design, his only specific request being that he wanted his initials somewhere, done in a tasteful and subtle way.

Neil worked to incorporate geometry with nice organic shapes in this design partly because the starting point is circular, while also taking advantage of some of the machined qualities of the reel. The shape created by the three rivets as well as the crossing bands and leaves in the center of the spool face-plate is repeated in the running pattern on the wider frame rim. Neil really likes this repeating design element, which he also used on a recent engraved buckle, the Dos Equis. The three dots are also made to work with the continuous row of dots on both frame rims. The scrolls on the spool face-plate all roll in the same direction like waves on a river, yet the overall impression is still symmetrical. Neil also engraved a trout on each of the three cross-bars on the frame; a Brown, a Rainbow and a Brookie.

Chris Henshaw is an Englishman who hand builds precision fly reels based upon the designs of the Hardy Brothers of Alnwick, England. In 1891, Hardy developed the "Perfect" reel, which immediately became renowned as the best fly reel of its time. Later versions were improved and "Perfect" models are still being produced today. Henshaw pays homage to the original Perfect design circa 1912. It has an adjustable click and pawl drag (see the adjustment wheel on the top of the reel.) He makes reels in a variety of sizes for different types of trout, steelhead and salmon angling.

Michael's reel is a right-hand retrieve trout reel, 3 inches in diameter, and it will accommodate the popular 5 weight line size plus backing. He has received conflicting advice on whether or not to use it on the river and risk the inevitable fall or boat rash, but he's determined not to allow such a beauty avoid combat and plans to baptize the reel on the water in his adventures this fishing season.


Custom Hand Engraved Fly Fishing Reel, "Henshaw Reel" item # "sengr.henshaw.fly-reel1.apr13"
Approx. 3" (7.5 cm) Diameter

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