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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle Set w/Gold, "Gold Cartouche"


Engraved Sterling Silver Belt Buckle w/Gold

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Close-Up of Side of Keeper | Close-Up of Tip | Close-Up of Extra Tip


Angled View of buckle set
Angled View of Buckle Set

This exquisite hand engraved 3-piece belt buckle set is a pleasure to present. Neil has been trying to find the time to make something just because he wants to, and here it is.

The buckle set has extensive 24K gold line-inlay and heavy 18K overlay on all three pieces. The line-inlay is a very labor-intensive, but rewarding process. The angled view shows the thickness of the 18K overlay. All three pieces are edged with v-notching which adds a nice tactile experience when handling the set. The scrollwork is very detailed and the keeper has Neil's usual architectural moulding. The clean, gold cartouches are engravable with figures or lettering, as well as being attractive un-embellished, as shown.

Update: The customer who purchased this buckle set ordered an extra tip several years later, in 2013. See Close-Up of Extra Tip.


Hand Engraved 3-pc. Belt Buckle Set, Handcrafted, "Gold Cartouche" item # "sengr.fbsgoldcrtch2.jun07"
Solid Sterling Silver w/24K Gold Line-Inlay and 18K Overlay, 1" (25mm) wide opening

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