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Custom Hand Engraved Earrings
Silver-backed Shakudo
w/Gold & Pure Silver Line-Inlay, "October -11"


Custom Hand Engraved Silver-backed Shakudo Earrings w/Gold & Pure Silver



This is Neil's third pair of engraved Shakudo earrings this year. They have been pretty popular, and he will continue making them as he enjoys it very much. However, he is still the only one in the shop, so he has to divide his time wisely. This pair, for our good customer Joe's wife, have w/24K gold and pure silver line-inlay. They are made in married metal consisting of a sterling silver back, with shakudo - an ancient Japanese metal alloy of 96% copper and 4% gold often used in decorations on Japanese sword fittings - on the front.

The copper-colored Shakudo oxidizes to a dark, purplish black; the engraved lines cut through to the silver backing, which oxidizes to gray or black, and the 24K gold and pure silver line-inlay stand as a striking contrast to both. The inlaid gold circles at the bottom are domed to mimmick the beads on the ear-wires. The detailed design and elaborate hand engraving, which invites a closer look, is mirrored on the two earrings. The ear-wires are solid 14K gold.

Neil thoroughly enjoys experimenting with this kind of ornamentation in the centuries old tradition of gun-style engraving.


Custom Hand Engraved Earrings, "October -11", Handcrafted, item # "sengr.earSSshak24K2.oct11"
Sterling Silver-backed Shakudo w/24K Gold & Pure Silver Line-Inlay, Overall length 2½" (63mm)

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