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Hand Engraved Earrings
Shakudo w/24K Gold & Pure Silver Line-Inlay, "June -11"


Engraved Shakudo Earrings w/Gold & Pure Silver



Neil enjoyed making and engraving the March -11 earrings very much, and received requests for more, so here is his second pair. These are similar to the first set, but not identical. They are made in solid shakudo - an ancient Japanese metal alloy of 96% copper and 4% gold often used in decorations on Japanese sword fittings.

The copper-colored Shakudo oxidizes to a dark, purplish black, and the elaborate 24K gold and pure silver line-inlay is a striking contrast. The inlaid gold circles at the bottom are domed to mimmick the beads on the ear-wires. The finely detailed design and skillful hand engraving invites a closer look. The design is mirrored on the two earrings, and the ear-wires are solid 14K gold.

These earrings are another truly unique experiment of pattern and ornamentation in the generations old tradition of gun-style engraving.


Hand Engraved Earrings, "June -11" item # "sengr.ear.shakS24K2.jun11"
Shakudo w/24K Gold & Pure Silver Line-Inlay, Overall length 2¼" (57mm)

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