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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle Set with Gold, "Diamondback Flush"
and Matching "Quail" Cuff-Links


Engraved Silver and Gold Belt Buckle Set

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Close-Up of Keepers | Close-Up of Tip
Close-Up of Matching Quail Cuff-Links


Top Side View of Belt Buckle Set
Top Side View of Belt Buckle Set

The "Diamondback Flush" is another of Neil's striking buckle sets. It was custom order for Lance who wanted a buckle set with Bobwhites and Mexican Scaled, or Blue Quail. Neil added the two Mimbres-inspired quail on the keepers, which I will get back to later. Lance also wanted a Diamondback and some Tree Cholla cactus. And Neil had fun working out the design...!

The Diamondback wraps around the buckle, and its scales create a border around the perimeter. Neil has applied approximate symmetry again - the snake's head on the lower part of the buckle balances with its rattles and the scroll next to them on the top, and the little dragonfly on the top complements the snake's tongue on the bottom. There are live Tree Cholla and dead skeletal ones, both creating a diamondy texture and making for a strong pattern in the background.

The keepers have an unusual shape, and an interesting design. The branch scrolls come in from the top and the bottom, meet in the middle and create a 69-like pattern or an enlarged figure 8. Inside this design is hidden a Mimbres design-style inspired quail on each keeper, facing away from each other like sentinels. They are easiest to spot by following the leaf and stem (the quail's head feathers) in the top left corner of the left keeper towards the scroll just below it. This is the head, and the eye in the center. The beak is immediately to the left and slightly down from the scroll. The bird's body is the roundish shape below this. The quail on the right keeper is facing the opposite direction.

<Matching Cuff-Links
Matching "Quail" Cuff-Links

Neil threw in some cactus thorns on the tip instead of leaves for fun, and to add to the feeling of a desert scene. The scroll in front of the quail on the tip is turned approx. 45° and is done in 3D format, which is rarely seen in gun style engraving, but commonly used in money engraving.

The buckle set is solid sterling silver and the Bobwhites are 18K yellow gold overlay, while the Blues on the tip are 18K white gold. The white on the throats of the Bobwhites is inlaid pure silver.

The matching quail cuff-links are made from a circle of 18K yellow gold the size of a US dime, soldered on-top of a circle of white gold the size of a penny. The white on the quails' heads is created by inlaying pure silver. Again, Neil likes to create symmetry without makes the two sides equal.


Custom Hand Engraved 4-piece Buckle Set, Handcrafted
"Diamondback Flush" item # "sengr.dimndback1.oct07"
Solid Sterling Silver w/18K White & Yellow Gold Overlay, and Pure Silver Inlay, 1" (25mm) wide opening

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