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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks
"Hinge Pin No. 2 July, 2016" w/Shakudo & Gold


Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Cufflinks w/Shakudo & Gold 'Hinge Pin No. 2 July, 2016'

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Neil enjoyed engraving the Hinge Pin cuff links that did in May of this year (2016) so much, that he's doing several more. They are engraved in a radial pattern similar to what might be on the hinge pin of an engraved shotgun, hence the name. He has been studying these designs and enjoying it immensely. Neil has always enjoyed border patterns, and he feels the radial designs on hinge pins, as well as the even smaller designs on the screws, are both well worth deeper study.
This attractive pair of cufflinks has a solid, V-shaped post connecting the disc and the toggles. The center of each circle has shakudo and 24K gold inlay.


Hand Engraved Cufflinks "Hinge Pin No. 2 July, 2016", item # "sengr.cufflinks-hingePin2-2.jul16"
Solid Sterling Silver w/Shakudo & Gold, just shy of ¾" (18mm) disc


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