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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle & Keeper w/White & Yellow Gold, "Three Mallards"


Custom Hand Engraved Silver Buckle & Keeper

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This custom engraved belt buckle and keeper for Tommy was a modification of "Terry's Dogs", a 4-piece ranger buckle set of 2006. Tommy liked the shape of the original buckle, but wanted a wider, 1¼" (32mm) opening, so the main question was whether the shape would work as well in a larger size. Neil modified the proportions a little, and it turned out very nice, - and the engraving is better than ever.

The mallards and golden retriever are 10K overlay, as the main objective was to have them stand out from the sterling silver background, but not stand out too much. This was definitely a successful treatment and will likely be repeated in future projects. Neil also added a little 24K gold line-inlay in the reeds around the dog and on the inside edge of the buckle opening for an added element of interest, see Close-Up.

The Progress Close-Up shows Neil's, perhaps unique, way of building and engraving some of his buckles. He cuts out all the parts, and solders on any overlay. He then does all the engraving, and depending on how the piece is to be treated and assembled, he may also do line-inlay before shaping it. Here he has added gold line-inlay to the keeper but not yet to the buckle. He added gold line-inlay to the buckle after it was shaped. The holes on the buckle are for tiny jewelers' screws that secure the buckle bail, in order to not compromise the engraving detail on the buckle by soldering the bail on.

The buckle has two styles of scroll-work that complement each other very nicely. Neil also had fun placing the birds to work with the scrolls.


Custom Hand Engraved Belt Buckle & Keeper, Handcrafted, "Three Mallards" item # "sengr.bwk.3mallards1.apr12"
Solid Sterling Silver w/10K White Gold Overlay & 24K Yellow Gold Line-Inlay, 1¼" (32mm) wide opening

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