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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle Set with Gold, "Texas Quail"


Engraved Silver and Gold Belt Buckle Set

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Close-Up of Tip


Top Angled View of Belt Buckle Set
Top Angled View of Belt Buckle Set

Michael was inspired by variations on the "Dakota Day"-theme from previous years (Sold in 2004 and Sold in 2006) when he and Neil worked out the design for this buckle set.

Neil really likes how the shooter is grounded in this version, standing on the grassy mound and not "boxed" in at the top or the bottom. He used approximate horizontal symmetry between the open, center area and the mound of grass and scrolls in the sky to create this feeling. These scrolls also remind me of fair-weather cumulus clouds. The buckle has a clean edge to match the clean, empty space around the scroll sections on the side of the keepers. This is where "nothing is something".

The box-like checkered area on the tip leaves an opening on the end, giving the birds somewhere to go. The scrolls on the tip intentionally dissipate into the air adding to the feeling of open-ness. Neil typically does not mirror the design on the keepers and didn't in this case, because he says there should be a flow towards the tip. If the keepers are mirrored, they become the focal point which stagnates this flow.

The shooter and dog and their grassy base, and the quail are 18K gold overlay. The curved lines outlining the open area on the buckle, and the line beneath the grass on the keepers continuing onto the tip is 24K gold line-inlay. The white area on the throats of the quail is pure silver inlay.


Custom Hand Engraved 4-piece Buckle Set, Handcrafted
"Texas Quail" item # "sengr.bsTXquail1.aug07"
Solid Sterling Silver w/18K Gold Overlay, 24K Gold Line-Inlay, and Pure Silver Inlay, 1" (25mm) wide opening

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