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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Ranger Belt Buckle Set w/Shakudo & Gold, "Mac"


Engraved Silver Ranger Buckle Set 'Mac' w/Shakudo & Gold

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This exquisite ranger belt buckle set was a custom order for Reed's birthday. He and his wife lost their beloved black lab, Mac, one year ago, and they wanted to create a beautiful piece to commemorate him. Also check out the matching "Mac" cuff bracelet. They have also commisioned several paintings by other artists to remember their special friend.

Neil fabricated the buckle set from sterling silver and shakudo sheet. Shakudo is a Japanese alloy formulated for a special patina, often used in decorating swords. Depending on the patina-process it turns from a rich, dark bronze color to dark midnight purple or black. He filigreed the shakudo in the pattern of a mat that was always by the door Mac used to enter and leave the house - if the mat was missing, he would not come through the door... Mac's beautiful head is 18K white gold overlay, to allow for the gray-black coloring of an older black lab, and his right eye is inlaid with copper and silver to give it that lifelike glint.

The full-coverage engraved scroll-work is beautifully accentuated with 24K gold line-inlay. An interesting design detail is the curved gold line-inlay on the sides of the keepers, which together make up a half circle, representing Mac's two tennisballs. The small 14K gold quail on the tip brings the design full circle.


Custom Hand Engraved 4-pc. Ranger Belt Buckle Set, "Mac" item # "sengr.bs.blacklab-Mac1.jul16"
Solid Sterling Silver w/Shakudo & Gold, 1" (25mm) wide opening

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