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Custom Solid Sterling Silver Adirondack II Belt Buckle
"The Daylight" w/Gold, Shakudo, & Fossil Dinosaur Bone


Custom Adirondack II Buckle w/Gold, Shakudo, & Fossil Dinosaur Bone

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Back of Silver Buckle
Back of Adirondack II Buckle

This customized Adirondack II buckle was a gift for Nathan, who is a real train-buff. "The Daylight" steam locomotive is one of his favorites. From the photos we have seen, we would have to agree.

The Adirondack II buckle is a new version of our popular 2006 Annual Edition. The engraved top and bottom plates, as well as the decorative, engraved back plate were re-worked with new designs.
The belt buckle has a 1" (25mm) wide opening and is assembled from 5 pieces of silver (and gold). The two raised scroll-work sections on the front are 14K gold plates that are attached to the silver buckle with tiny jewelry screws, as is the engraved backplate. The 14K gold oval is sandwiched between the body of the buckle and the backplate. All the parts to the buckle are cast in solid sterling silver (and 14K gold) from Neil's original hand engraved masters. It is hand finished and hand signed by the artisan. This is truly a unique buckle, very reminiscent of a classic, engraved shotgun.

In order to make the large locomotive "read" on a canvas as small as a belt buckle, Neil had to stylize the design, using the most recognizable elements of the design. The dark locomotive with the striking yellow-orange line down the center became the main focus. The dark body is inlaid shakudo - an ancient Japanese metal alloy of 96% copper and 4% gold often used in decorations on Japanese sword fittings - with the yellow line inlaid in 24K gold. The billowing smoke from the locomotive under a full head of steam is inlaid pure silver, while the "Daylight" logo is raised 24K gold inlay and red fossil dinosaur bone inlay. The little bit of engraved scroll-work below the train adds a nice touch of decorative flair in keeping with the arts and crafts' movement design style of the locomotive and the engraved plates on the buckle. Inlaid lines of 24K gold bordering some of open spaces is another nice touch.


Custom Adirondack II Belt Buckle, "The Daylight" item # "sengr.adirIIDaylight2.may11"
Solid Sterling Silver w/24K Gold Line-Inlay, 14K Gold, Shakudo inlay, Pure Silver inlay
Fossil Dinosaur Bone inlay, & Hand engraving ~ 1" (25mm) wide opening

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