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Custom Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle Set with Gold, "7 Quail 7 Roses"
and Matching "Quail" Cuff-Links


Engraved Silver and Gold Belt Buckle Set

Close-Up of Belt Buckle | Close-Up of Tip | Close-Up of Buckle Rose Detail
Close-Up of Matching Quail Cuff-Links


Top Side View of Belt Buckle Set
Top Side View of Belt Buckle Set

This exceptional engraved quail belt buckle set for Jack is my favorite, so far... and it even has a poetic title. It depicts a covey of quail taking up from a rose thicket, although two are hiding in the undergrowth and tendrils on the tip. Neil created a feeling of approximate symmetry while portraying the asymmetrical tangles of rose vines. The subtle trellis-work also creates a slight tension with the rose vines.

<Matching Cuff-Links
Matching "Quail" Cuff-Links

The quail are overlaid in 18K yellow gold, while the vines are 24K gold line-inlay. Neil fabricated the roses from a tube of sterling silver, that is filled with six strands of 24K white gold wire around the outside and one strand of 24K yellow gold wire through the center. The remaining "cracks" aound the perimeter were filled with strands of yellow gold wire. The filled tube was then cut into slices and each slice was hammered flat. They were then soldered onto the buckle, keepers, and tip, and the final shaping was done in place. See Buckle Rose for detail.

The matching quail cuff-links were ordered by Jack's wife, Karen. They are made from a circle of 18K yellow gold the size of a US dime, soldered on-top of a circle of white gold the size of a penny. The white on the quails' heads is created by inlaying pure silver. Again, Neil likes to create symmetry without makes the two sides equal.


Custom Hand Engraved 4-piece Buckle Set, Handcrafted
"7 Quail 7 Roses" item # "sengr.7quail7roses1.apr07"
Solid Sterling Silver w/18K Gold Overlay, 24K White & Yellow Line-Inlay, 1" (25mm) wide opening

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