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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
3-piece Belt Buckle Set "Sweet Elsie I"

Hand Engraved Sterling Silver 3-piece Belt Buckle Set w/Quail 'Sweet Elsie I'

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This classic, hand engraved 3-piece belt buckle set "Sweet Elsie I" is inspired by the Sweet Elsie guns by LC Smith. Neil really enjoys this type of engraving and decorative art, and gets a lot of his inspiration from these guns. The main recognizable feature is the shape of the LC Smith side-plates. There are about a half dozen different design elements at interplay here, that don't fight each other - rather they compliment each other. Good engravers did this on their guns, as the goal is to see the gun as a whole, as a single piece of art. Neil is doing more of this on his buckles than he used to, and it's interesting to note that for all the elements "dancing around" he chose to keep the tongue clean - un-engraved.

The small quail on the buckle is beautifully detailed and fits right into the design. One of my favorite elements is the burst of flowers at the center of the buckle which is re-visited on the sides of the keeper, and is an interesting, organic counterpoint to the otherwise highly structured design. The buckle has very little open space, but the design opens up more as it moves towards the tip.

The "Sweet Elsie I" is a fine buckle set, indeed, and looks especially attractive on a light chocolate ranger strap, as shown. The color and character of the strap invokes the look of the beautiful wood grain on an equally fine gun.

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Hand Engraved 3-piece Belt Buckle Set, "Sweet Elsie I" item # "sengr.3pc.sweetElsieOne3.apr16"
Solid Sterling Silver, 1" (25mm) wide opening


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