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Solid Sterling Silver Sycamore Ranger Buckle Set
on Sedona Ranger Strap

Silver 4-piece Ranger Belt Buckle Set


Close-Up of 'Sycamore' Sedona Ranger | Angled Close-Up of 'Sycamore' Sedona Ranger


The Sycamore ranger buckle set has been one of Neil's most popular buckle set styles over the years. It has been updated and has a new tip. We call it the Sycamore because of it's clean lines and smooth surface, similar to the sycamore tree. There are striking stands of them along Oak Creek in Sedona, and they are one of our favorite trees in this area, partially because of their sweet, earthy fragrance. The Sycamore set is conservative while embodying the essence of form and function, whether worn with a suit or on a well worn pair of blue jeans. The elegant tip curves with the ellipse of the belt strap and slips effortlessly through your pant-loops.

The ranger set has a ¾" (19mm) opening and is mounted on Neil's classic 1¼" (32mm) wide hand-stained, hand-stitched slim profile Sedona Ranger strap. Assembled with convenient snap closure as the default, The Sedona Ranger with the Sycamore 4-piece set is a modest-looking, yet sophisticated ensemble.

The Sycamore ranger set is beautifully suited for custom engraving. See examples of engraved Sycamore sets.
Please inquire about custom orders.

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Sycamore ¾" (19mm) 4-piece Ranger Buckle Set on Sedona Ranger Strap US $ 675.-

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