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Limited Edition Hand Engraved Intaglio Fine Art Print
"A Busy Morning" - Trumpeter Swans

Art Print 'A Busy Morning'

"A Busy Morning" - Trumpeter Swans
Limited Edition Print w/Double Mat & Dark Brown Frame

Close-Up of Print


A foggy, early morning in the spring or fall. The quiet is broken by the calls of trumpeter swans as they come in for a rest on the lake. Their white bodies look like ghosts in the dimly lit fog, and their black beaks stand out in a breath-taking contrast to it all. The birches, oaks, and white pines reflected in the lake - the tops of some are out of view. This is one of those sensory experiences that becomes etched in your memory. The bottom of the curtain and crocheted curtain-pull, the African violet and wren sculpture on the window sill add the depth and perspective of looking out the window at the surreal scene, creating a beautiful composition.

Your actual intaglio print will not have the NR Hunt Studio logo © watermark seen in the close-up photo.

"A Busy Morning" is hand-pulled from a hand engraved steel plate and will be printed in a limited edition of 200. Actual size of printed image only is just shy of 4" x 2" (10cm x 5cm). Each print is available un-framed or matted and framed, and is conservation mounted. The frame size is 13" W x 11 1/4" H (33cm x 28.5cm).

Un-framed prints are mounted on acid-free foam-board protected by an acid-free plastic sleeve.


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"A Busy Morning" Print, Frame Size 13" W x 11 1/4" H (33cm x 28.5cm)
w/Double Mat & Dark Brown Frame
Dark Brown Frame US $ 265.-
"A Busy Morning" Print Un-Framed US $ 100.-

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