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Mokume-gane, Sterling Silver, & Brass Fusion - Boston
Belt Buckle

Mokume-gane & Sterling Silver Belt Buckle

Fusion - Boston Belt Buckle shown on Straight Strap

Close-Up | Angled Close-Up


The attractive, hand-crafted Fusion - Boston belt buckle is part of Neil's Fusion Series for the obvious fusing of metals, but also for the more subtle fusion of East and West, classic and traditional, complex and elegant. Neil hand-crafted each of these buckles (and sets) from metal plate, bar, and wire - and each is uniquely sculpted. The Fusion - Boston belt buckle is true wearable art, and makes a great gift for graduation, retirement, and more.

Neil enjoys experimenting with different kinds of Mokume-gane. The Fusion - Boston is a simple, hand-crafted belt buckle with a sculpted, slightly flared shape made mostly out of Mokume-gane (Japanese for "wood grained metals"). This is a type of Japanese married metal made from diffusion bonded laminates often used in decorating swords, in this case consisting of nickel silver, brass, and copper. This buckle is cut from one solid piece of Mokume-gane, and the waves in the metal continue on the sides creating an interesting pattern (see angled photo). The tongue is sterling silver and the bail is brass.

This simple and dressy belt buckle is a classy statement on any straight belt strap. It is substantial without being too heavy. The surface of the buckle was slightly acid-etched creating a beautiful, wood-grain-like texture and bringing out the subtle colors in the combined metals. With the copper and brass color in the Mokume-gane this buckle looks amazing on blue-jeans!

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Fusion - Boston 1¼" (32mm) Belt Buckle only US $ 360.-
Belt Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 445.-

Fusion Series - 1¼" (32mm) wide opening


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