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Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks
"Hinge Pin No. 5 August, 2016"

Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Cufflinks 'Hinge Pin No. 5 August, 2016'

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Neil handcrafted this attractive pair of cufflinks. They have a solid, curved stem with discs that are set at an angle at both ends. One disc is larger than the other. Both are engraved in a radial pattern similar to how a hinge pin on an engraved gun might be treated, hence the name. Neil has been getting a lot of enjoyment out of studying these radial hinge pin designs, and thrills at decorating the tiny canvas of a cufflink in this fashion.
This pair of engraved cufflinks are truly a classic accessory.


Hand Engraved Cufflinks "Hinge Pin No. 5 August, 2016", item # "engr.cufflinks-hingePin5-1.aug16"
Solid Sterling Silver, 5/8" (14mm) & 1/2" (13mm) discs


Hand Engraved Cufflinks Hinge Pin No. 5 August, 2016 US $ 425.-


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