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Design for Engraved Solid Sterling Silver
Belt Buckle (Set) w/Gold, "Persian Chrysalis"

Design for Engraved Sterling Silver Belt Buckle w/Gold


This belt buckle design is one of my favorite. It would be done in sterling silver with gold and oxidized copper or bronze for the chrysalis. The asymmetrical and complex, yet stylized scrolls are delicate filigree work, and could be done in white gold. Some of the scrolls have a dot of gold at their center. The butterfly "wings" are inlaid with flush gold. In this piece Neil explores the lines between natural design and mathematically based, pure design.

This could be made as a buckle only, or it could be made into a 3 or 4-piece set. Some women like an individual larger buckle, while men may want a smaller whole set. Either way, it would be stunning.


Pricing for Hand Engraved Belt Buckle or Set, "Persian Chrysalis"

  • Belt Buckle Only ~ Solid Sterling Silver w/Gold Inlay & Copper or Bronze ~ $ 4,000 - $ 7,000 depending on details, size, and materials
  • Belt Buckle Set ~ Solid Sterling Silver w/Gold Inlay & Copper or Bronze ~ $ 7,000 - $ 12,000 depending on details, size, and materials
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