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Sterling Silver & Mokume-gane Simple Quail
Belt Buckle w/Hand Engraving & 24K Line-Inlay

Sterling Silver & Mokume-gane 'Simple Quail' Belt Buckle w/Hand Engraving & 24K Line-Inlay

Simple Quail Belt Buckle shown on Straight Strap

Close-Up | Angled Close-Up


The Simple Quail is a fun and unique, sweet belt buckle hand-crafted in sterling silver and mokume-gane. (Japanese for "wood grained metals") is a type of Japanese married metal made from diffusion bonded laminates often used in decorating swords, in this case consisting of sterling silver and shibuichi.
Note: The angled photo captures more of the reddish-brown hue of the shibuichi than I was able to get in the straight-on shot.

Neil hand-crafted this buckle about 18 years ago, and only recently got around to adding the hand-engraving and the quail. The shape makes it look like a standard belt buckle, but instead of a tongue it has a prong on the back. The front is mokume-gane with a small, silver quail - only 5/8" (16mm) tall. It has hand-engraving and 24K gold line-inlay on the top and bottom edges, as well as a hand engraved running leaf border on the front (left) edge. The angular lines give it a more modern look than many of Neil's other buckles. The Simple Quail would make a tasteful and discreet dress belt on a black straight or tapered belt strap.

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Simple Quail 1" (25mm) Belt Buckle only US $ 400.-
Belt Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 485.-
Belt Buckle on Tapered Strap US $ 495.-

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