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Sterling Silver The Buffalo King
Trophy-Style Belt Buckle w/Optional Gold

Solid Sterling Silver Trophy-Style Belt Buckle w/Optional Gold

Sterling Silver The Buffalo King Trophy-Style Belt Buckle w/Optional Gold, #2015, shown on Straight Strap

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Solid Sterling Silver Belt Buckle
#2015 The Buffalo King Belt Buckle in Sterling Silver

The lost-wax-cast The Buffalo King trophy-style belt buckle w/tip is one of the options for the 2015 Limited Edition. It is also available with a tip, as a 2-pice set. #2015 The Buffalo King Buckle w/Tip.

Scotty Philip, born James Philip in Scotland and immigrating to the United States in 1874 (here nicknamed Scotty), he witnessed the end of the frontier. When he arrived on the prairie he saw, firsthand, the waste and decimation of the buffalo, as an average of 5,000 buffalo were being slaughtered every day. The 19th century saw the population of the American Bison fall from estimates as high as 60 million to fewer than 300.

After one season of working on his brother's farm in Kansas, Scotty wandered north, where he dug for gold in the Black Hills, worked as a scout and a courier for the army, cut hay as a contractor for Fort Robinson and hauled freight to Deadwood as a teamster. In 1879, he married Sarah Laribbe, a Native American woman who was working for her father at the trading post in Fort Robinson. Sarah's Indian blood entitled them to run cattle west of the Missouri River on land ceded to the Indians by the treaty of 1868. Having built a successful ranch at Bad River, they were in a good position to "save the buffalo" when the opportunity presented itself.

Scotty was a loyal family man and was widely known for his good character. He went on to become a South Dakota State Senator where he attempted to save the native grasslands. Scotty Philip lived an iconic life in one of the most romantic eras of American history, but it is fitting that he is best remembered for caring about the plight of the American Bison, and for his visionary action to save them from extinction.

The The Buffalo King buckle is available in a limited edition of 74; the number of buffalo Scotty started his herd with (although, different accounts vary on the number, this is the most commonly sited). It is worth noting the wolves that are represented along with the buffalo on the buckle. When one species is threatened, a cascade of effects have consequences for the whole environment. The wolves and the buffalo are intrinsically connected. The back of the buckle has buffalo and wolf tracks.

Update - April 28, 2016:
New York Times article: Congress Votes to Designate Bison as National Mammal Unbeknownst to Neil, as he over the last number of years was researching the story of the conservation of the bison, and designing and engraving the master for the Buffalo King 2015 Limited Edition, the bill to designate the American Bison as our National Mammal was making it's way through congress. What a terrific co-incidence, and what a wonderful outcome!

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The Buffalo King #2015, 1¼" (32mm)
Sterling Silver w/14K Gold
Buckle only US $ 1,340.-
Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 1,425.-
The Buffalo King #2015, 1¼" (32mm)
Sterling Silver
Buckle only US $ 740.-
Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 825.-

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