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Sterling Silver Parker - Plain
Ranger Belt Buckle Set

Solid Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Set

Sterling Silver Parker - Plain Ranger Belt Buckle Set, #2014, shown on Straight Strap

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The lost-wax-cast Parker - Plain ranger buckle set is one of the options for the 2014 edition. Although we call it "plain", it is really anything but. It's only plain in comparison with the added appointments on the other Parker options.

The relatively open center on the buckle is intended to allow for a variety of added appointments without covering up a lot of scroll-work. However, the flowing, lattice scrolls are very attractive in their own right. The scroll-work is Germanic/American style, and the checkering on all four ranger set pieces has the feel of an old shotgun.

We anticipate adding many more appointment options by popular demand. Please inquire.

All the parts are cast in solid sterling silver (and 14K gold) from Neil's original, exquisitely hand engraved masters. It is hand finished and hand signed by Neil. The Parker has a 1" (25mm) opening and looks terrific on any style belt strap.

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Parker - Plain #2014, 1" (25mm)
Sterling Silver
4-piece Buckle Set only US $ 659.-
4-piece Buckle Set on Straight Strap US $ 744.-
4-piece Buckle Set on Tapered Strap US $ 754.-
4-piece Buckle Set on Ranger Strap US $ 874.-

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