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Sterling Silver Superior "Ruffed Grouse"
Trophy-Style Belt Buckle w/Optional Gold

Solid Sterling Silver Trophy-Style Belt Buckle w/Gold

Sterling Silver Superior Trophy-Style Belt Buckle w/Gold, #2004-2, shown on Straight Strap


Solid Sterling Silver Trophy-Style Belt Buckle
Superior Trophy-Style Belt Buckle in Sterling Silver only

The lost-wax-cast Superior "Ruffed Grouse" belt buckle is the second in the 2004 annual edition. This is a 1¼" (32mm) wide trophy-style buckle intended for a straight strap. It is named for the Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota.

This buckle shows the Ruffed Grouse in its "natural habitat"; hidden in the darker, heavier underbrush of the forest floor. The scrollwork background is heavily hatched and cross-hatched, and thereby quite dark. There is a lot of detail in the birds themselves, accentuating the pattern of the feathers. The "fans" on either side of the belt buckle is a fun design-detail reminiscent of the tail-feathers of the grouse.

The Superior is available in sterling silver with 14K gold overlay, or in sterling silver only.

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Superior #2004-2, 1¼" (32mm)
Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Overlay
Trophy-Style Buckle only US $ 2,475.-
Trophy-Style Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 2,560.-
Superior #2004-2, 1¼" (32mm)
Sterling Silver only
Trophy-Style Buckle only US $ 825.-
Trophy-Style Buckle on Straight Strap US $ 910.-

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