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3-Piece Ranger Belt Buckle Set "1858-R"
Hand Engraved Solid Sterling Silver Adirondack


Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Ranger Belt Buckle Set w/Gold 'Americana Collection 1858-R'

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The sterling silver 3-piece 1858-R is engraved on an Adirondack buckle blank. See also the Adirondack "Trout" 3-piece set.

The Adirondack belt buckle is assembled from 5 pieces of silver and gold using tiny jeweler's screws. The oval centerpiece is sandwiched between the body of the buckle and the backplate. The layers of metals on this set, as well as the engraved design, gives it a 3-dimensional, sculptural look. In addition to the obvious running leaf-patterns, it has a great variety of border-patterns.

Ever pursuing new limits and perspectives on buckle-making, Neil's new Americana Collection is the height of craftsmanship and artistry. These belt buckles are inspired by ornamentation on 19th century American guns, which were mostly engraved by German and Austrian immigrant craftsmen. Among them, engraving by German immigrant LD Nimschke is the most well-known and well-documented, and as such, Neil has found much inspiration perusing the book of "smoke-prints" of Nimschke's work. Pieces in the Americana Collection are simply numbered from 1851 - to as close to 1900 as Neil gets before his body gives out. His goal is to engrave 50 pieces for this collection.

The 1858-R Adirondack 1" (25mm) ranger set looks very handsome on any color strap.

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The Americana Collection

Hand Engraved Adirondack Ranger Belt Buckle Set "1858-R"
Solid Sterling Silver w/Gold, 1" (25mm) wide opening


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